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This page describes the Conditions of Use and Database Right of information prepared by me (Rosemary Lockie) for this website. Your attention is drawn also to our Disclaimer, which limits our liability to you under UK law, and our statement of Cookie Control.

All web pages published on this website are identifiable by a statement of their URL (web address), and the signature/timestamp "last updated [Date] - [Time] by Rosemary Lockie" at their foot.

Pages may contain transcriptions, images, database content, and material authored by myself, and others. These conditions apply to the full content of any page on this website whether identified by the above signature/timestamp or not.

These pages contain significant amounts of material contributed by other researchers. Whether this is clearly identified as such, or whether the contributor prefers to remain anonymous, the same Conditions of Use will apply as if the contributor were myself.

These Conditions exclude use of our site logo, and any graphics images that we obtained from the Open Clip Art Library. These are subject to the Open Clip Art Library conditions, which may be "used for free for any use".

Conditions of Use

  1. Copies of this information MAY be used freely by individuals pursuing their own private family history research.

  2. Copies MAY NOT be made for sale or for any other commercial purpose whatsoever in either electronic or printed form. Copies MAY NOT be added to other online collections either for free, or commercial access, or for any other commercial purpose whatsoever.

  3. Copies MAY NOT be used in published family histories (or other papers, treatises, &c.), in either electronic or printed form.

  4. Any references, in either electronic or printed form, to any of the information on my website (including posting to a Mailing List, a Messaging Forum, or Discussion Group, &c.) or otherwise quoting from this information MUST give credit to the original author(s) and/or data source, in the form of the URL (web page address) of the page from which you obtained the information.

  5. Links to the information on our website from other web pages are welcome, but you MAY NOT copy this information as a whole to your own web site, or submit it for inclusion into other online databases whether free, or commercial.

Database Right

  1. All the material which is to be found in these abstracts (any page which has a URL starting with willsdb.gukutils.org.uk) is held in a database by me (Rosemary Lockie), and software to which I own the copyright, is used to extract the relevant data and generate the pages which you see. A United Kingdom Act of 1997 covers the compiling and use of database material, and the notice below is displayed in order to give me protection under this Act:

    Database Right: All databases used for this website are covered by the 1997 Database Regulations. Rosemary Lockie (and others as stated on the relevant pages) are the makers of the databases used for this website and the owner(s) of the database rights. First published in 2000.

  2. The contents of the database are used ONLY for the purposes of generating these web pages.

  3. Please ensure any published acknowledgements include a statement of these Conditions in full.


We have taken every care in the preparation of the content of this website, and the information it provides is intended to be as accurate as possible. However to the full extent permitted by UK law, we disclaim all representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to its completeness or currency, or suitability for any particular purpose, and we shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which may arise from its use.

Occasionally you will find external (hypertext) links in the our web pages, leading to other websites. These are provided for your convenience only, and when you activate any of these links you will leave the willsdb.gukutils.org.uk website. The content of such sites is outside our control, and we will accept no responsibility or liability for such.

Cookie Control

This website does not use cookies, and does not collect any user-identifiable data. It does, however, include functionality provided by third parties - for example a Google Search Box, or one or more Google Maps, that do use cookies.

Disabling such cookies may break the functionality offered by Google, or other third party websites, but this website will function perfectly happily with, or without them!

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