The Wills of Herefordshire

Abstracts of Herefordshire Probate Records

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Our Virtual “Bouquets”
What our contributors have said about this project,
and other useful snippets.

"Look forward to seeing your Herefordshire Wills page grow."
[JW, 24 January 2001]

"Your list is one of the best tools around for HEF research pre-1700. Keep it alive!"
[DM, UK, September 2002]

"Well done, Rosemary, did you work all night?? ... Thank you so much for your help."
[BAC, UK, September 2002]

"Thank you for providing this service."
[M&AV, New Zealand, May 2003]

"Many thanks for recently inserting the Will I forwarded of ... I have already received an enquiry thru it."
[CL, Australia, August 2003]

"Would it be ok to forward these to you as attachments in plain text, following the format which you use on your wonderful site, or would Word for Windows be acceptable?"
[MM, UK, October 2003]
To which Rosemary replied that a plain text attachment will do nicely, and is in fact the form she prefers! :)

"Having just discovered your wonderful Herefordshire wills site, I am sending the abstract of this will which was a little gold mine for me. Maybe it will shed a ray of light for someone else..."
[MR, Australia, February 2004]

"Its good to see that so many others have contributed. If nothing else, the records I've submitted will show some interesting migration trends."
[LM, USA, March 2004]

"...congrats on a great job you are doing and Merry Xmas!"
[CL, Australia, December 2004]

"I found your website by chance but think it a very good idea and likely to be very useful. Here is a contribution."
[CC, UK, April 2005]

"You probably know that only an estimated 20% of the population left wills."
[LW, USA, September 2005]

"Congratulations on your wonderful site!"
[RW, UK, April 2006]

"This isn't a will, but I've sent it anyway because I don't know if you also have admins on your site or not ... I hope this is helpful to you."
[SL, Australia, July 2006]
To which Rosemary replied that she was very grateful for the details, and yes, we do also collect Administrations, as they can be a rich source for indentifying relatives. :)

"You and GENUKI were mentioned as being wonderfully useful this morning at our Wills Group (Drs JC & SP of the Victoria County History Project) so I thought I'd write and tell you!"
[PW, UK, March 2007]

"‘Ghostly father” ...means 'spiritual father', that is, the parish priest - the man to whom the testator would have gone for confession and absolution."
[MF, UK, May 2007]

"When I visit GENUKI Herefordshire, I can always count on seeing updates...I only wish more of the folks involved could be as dedicated as you. I sure do *appreciate*...!"
'Teena', USA, July 2007]

"Your website produces enquiries addressed to me from time to time so people clearly find it useful."
[MF, UK, May 2009]

"... keep up the great work. It is greatly appreciated !!"
[CL, Australia, October 2009]

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