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Abstracts on this page are listed by Date of Probate, and a list of SURNAMES in each abstract may be found on the left of the abstract. Use the 'Find' option in your browser to search for surnames you're interested in, or use the search box below to search all Wills in this collection.

Unless otherwise stated, original copies of Wills dated prior to 1858 are usually found in the appropriate Diocesan Record Office for the court where the Will was proved - for Derbyshire, this is the Staffordshire Record Office.

Copies of Wills for which Probate was granted at the PCC (Prerogative Court of Canterbury) may be obtained via the National Archives Wills website. (verified 2021-09-13)

Searches for, and Copies of Wills and Probate 1858-1996 may be obtained through via the Find a Will service, at local Registries, and sometimes on microfilm at County Record Offices. Further information on post-1858 Wills, may be found on the Government's Applying for Probate pages. (verified 2021-09-13)

Abbreviations which may be used on this page are:-

(Ad) "Admon", or Letters of Administration.
(I) Inventory (a list of the deceased's goods, and their value)
(N) A Nuncupative Will is one declared by a legal representative, as being indicative
of the deceased's wishes, and will often refer to the Testator in the third person.
(#) Indicates the Will is a 'duplicate' - that is, more than one person has submitted an
abstract from the same original Will.
 * An asterisk against a surname indicates the Executor(s) of the Will, or, in the case
of Administration (Ad), the Administrator(s)
i/t/p "in the parish (of)".
CELF Chapel en le Frith (Derbyshire)
ECC Episcopal Consistory Court (Lichfield)
HCC Hereford Consistory Court
n.p. Notary Public
R&R Rest and Residue (a common expression in Wills)
The following may also be of use in the study of Wills generally:-



FROGGATT, Nathaniel - of Heathfield [1] in the Parish of Glossop and County of Derby, Cloath Maker, 16 Oct 1759.New
and then it is my mind and will that my household goods or implements belonging to my trade that remain unsold at my death etc. sole us of my son John FROGGATT till he atains the age of twenty one years. I leave to my sister in law Mary WAGSTAFFE of Bridgend the sum of ten pounds, if she be alive, but if she be dead I would have it go to my sister Ellen FROGGATT &c.;   I would have my sister Ellen FROGGATT have twenty pounds more of her share of the money, whatever it is than my brother William FROGGATT when divided;   I do nominate and appoint George WAGSTAFFE of Bridgend my father in law and my Uncle William GODDARD Vicar of Glossop to be executors.
Sealed signed published and declared in the presence of Samuel KINDER and Betty SIDEBOTTOM.
Items listed and appraised by William BRADBURY and George WAGSTAFFE.
Note: [1] This is Heathfield not Hayfield.
[Contributed by f on 09 Mar 2007 et seq.]



FROGGATT, John - the elder of Shedyard in the County of Derby, Yeoman &c., 11 Nov 1701.New
I give, devise and bequeath all my messuages and tenements and the lands, housing and outhouse with the appurtences thereunto at Lowlaughton and my copyhold land at Jowhole, and all my goods, messuages, cottages farms and houses and outhouses and lands and premises with and every of their appurtences situate lying and being within Crowdon lee Booth also the vaccary of Crowdenee in Edale in the said county of Derby unto my son John FFROGGATT and his assynes for an during the term of nynety and nine years ……… unto the heir lawfully begotton and to be betten and for default of … then I give etc unto Ellen CARRINGTON my daughter for and during the times of ninety and nine years;   I give and devise and bequeath all my messauges, farms and tenements called the Green lands and Bowdon farm and all my lands houses buildings primises and appurtances to the same belonging situated and lying in Ollenbooth in Edale aforesaid which I purchased of Thomas EYRE unto my daughter Ellen CARRINGTON;   I give unto my wife a cow and bedstid and bedding fitting for it;   I give unto my grandchild Ellen POOL the sum of ffour score pounds to be paid her when she attaines the age of fourteen;   I give to my cousin Jane (I think this is POOL on the document) the sum of thirty pounds;   I give unto my son in Law John CARRINGTON ffive shillings.
Witnesses: John MIDDLETON,   Charles LINGARD,   Robert BOWDEN,   Alistar LINGARD.
Note: in the Inventory of John FFROGGATT late of Shedyard in the parish of Glossop, yeoman, is Lease including a messuage and tenement Shedyard, Lease of lands at Townscliffe.
[Contributed by f on 09 Mar 2007 et seq.]

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