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Abstracts on this page are listed by Date of Probate, and a list of SURNAMES in each abstract may be found on the left of the abstract. Use the 'Find' option in your browser to search for surnames you're interested in, or use the search box below to search all Wills in this collection.

Unless otherwise stated, original copies of Wills dated prior to 1858 are usually found in the appropriate Diocesan Record Office for the court where the Will was proved - for Derbyshire, this is the Staffordshire Record Office.

Copies of Wills for which Probate was granted at the PCC (Prerogative Court of Canterbury) may be obtained via the National Archives Wills website. (verified 2021-09-13)

Searches for, and Copies of Wills and Probate 1858-1996 may be obtained through via the Find a Will service, at local Registries, and sometimes on microfilm at County Record Offices. Further information on post-1858 Wills, may be found on the Government's Applying for Probate pages. (verified 2021-09-13)

Abbreviations which may be used on this page are:-

(Ad) "Admon", or Letters of Administration.
(I) Inventory (a list of the deceased's goods, and their value)
(N) A Nuncupative Will is one declared by a legal representative, as being indicative
of the deceased's wishes, and will often refer to the Testator in the third person.
(#) Indicates the Will is a 'duplicate' - that is, more than one person has submitted an
abstract from the same original Will.
 * An asterisk against a surname indicates the Executor(s) of the Will, or, in the case
of Administration (Ad), the Administrator(s)
i/t/p "in the parish (of)".
CELF Chapel en le Frith (Derbyshire)
ECC Episcopal Consistory Court (Lichfield)
HCC Hereford Consistory Court
n.p. Notary Public
R&R Rest and Residue (a common expression in Wills)
The following may also be of use in the study of Wills generally:-



UNWEN, John - of "sutton In lodale" [Sutton in le dale], 26 Jun 1549.
John UNWEN son of Thomas UNWEN,   Roger NEWBE{?},   Jone OUVYN{?} wife Rawff OUVYN{?};   esabell {Isabell} LEDNAM daughter of of John LEDNAM,   son John UNWEN*.
Supervisors: Thomas BEYREG, p'sone of sutton, and John HOGEKYNSON.
Witnesses: John HOGEKYNSON,   Chrystopher RENSHA, w't other mo [= more, none are named].
Appraisers of Inventory: "iiij honest men" John HOGEKYNSON,   Robert CALOW,   Chryst(oph)er RENSHA and John T...PN.
[Contributed by pu on 27 Jul 2001 et seq.]



UNWIN, Paul - of Shirland Parks Lane i/t/p Shirland, Yeoman, 13 Jan 1778.
wife Ann UNWIN - £70, and "the choice of living in the parlour of my now dwelling house... if she shall so like" premises in Pilsley in the possession of Robert BONSALE - after her decease to Robert HEARNSHAW* son of late daughter Mary wife of William HEARNSHAW of Shirland;   three children of my grandson Samuel UNWIN of Duckmanton,   Samuel, Thomas and Paul UNWIN - £200, and another son of Samuel, Joseph UNWIN £80;   Mary BRAILSFORD widow of Benjamin BRAILSFORD - £25,   Mary's son Francis BRAILSFORD (under 21) - £25;   five other children of daughter Mary Hearns{haw},   George, Mary, Elizabeth, Paul and Hannah HEARNSHAW - £20 apiece;   son in law John HODGKINSON - £50;   daughter (unnamed) now wife of George PRATT - £50;   Elizabeth UNWIN daughter of son Paul UNWIN - £50;   seven children of Thomas BENNETT, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary,   Sarah, Joseph, Hannah and John BENNETT (all under 21) - £10 apiece;   their mother Ann BENNETT (testator's daughter?);   g/grandson Samuel UNWIN son of grandson Paul UNWIN (under 21) - £10;   son in law Edward HODGKINSON - £10.
Trustees: the said Robert HEARNSHAW and George HEARNSHAW - they with Richard HOPKINSON the younger of Shirland to have "the little Farms I am now in possession of at Shirland parks Lane" in trust for Robert's son Abraham HEARNSHAW (under 21), and if Abraham dies for other sons of Robert by his wife Elizabeth;   property in Scarcliffe co. Derby and Mansfield Woodhouse co. Nottingham.
Witnesses: W WILSON,   Matthew MARSHALL,   George SMITHERS.
Probate Lichfield 22 Mar 1779 to Robert HEARNSHAW sole Executor;  before Jno FLETCHER,  Thos WHITE Sur.
[Contributed by pu on 27 Jul 2001 et seq.]



UNWIN, Samuel - of Duckmanton i/t/p Sutton cum Duckmanton, Broom-maker, 27 May 1810. Died 19 Aug 1817.
landlord Clement KYNNERSLEY, Esquire;   wife Mary UNWIN* [died during the lifetime of the Testator],   three sons Samuel, Paul and Thomas UNWIN;   daughter Elizabeth now wife of Samuel CLAY of Chesterfield.
Witnesses: George BIRCH{?},   John MARSH.
Bondsmen: Samuel CLAY of Chesterfield, plasterer and whitewasher, and Thomas CLAY of Chesterfield, taylor, for £100,   to Edward OUTRAM, Doctor of Divinity,   Vicar General of the Diocese of Lichfield and Coventry, 17 Feb 1818.
Admin. granted to Elizabeth CLAY wife of Samuel CLAY,  of Chesterfield plasterer, 18 Feb 1818, before Thos. FIELD, Comm'r.  Estate under £50.
[Contributed by pu on 27 Jul 2001 et seq.]



UNWIN, Thomas - of Northwingfield, tailor, 20 Aug 1867.
only dau Ann (wife of George MILNES) of Clay Cross i/t/p Northwingfield - to have the interest in my properties in Brampton i/t/p Walton for her life, and on her death to be sold and divided between her children.
Executor: friend John TAYLOR of Northwingfield, farmer.   Signed by Thomas UNWIN.
Further Bequest: second grandson Walter MILNES - the moneys I have in Chesterfield Savings Bank at 21.
Witnesses: Thomas UNWIN,   Thomas DRABBLE,   Thomas HOPKINSON,   John TAYLOR farmer,   (and) Ann HUNT (but not all seen in the presence of each other)
Probate Derby 20 Jan 1868 before John James SIMPSON (District Registrar)
Testator died 21 Aug 1867 at Northwingfield, a widower.  Extracted by William DRABBLE, Solicitor, Chesterfield.
[Contributed by pu on 27 Jul 2001 et seq.]

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