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Unless otherwise stated, original copies of Wills dated prior to 1858 are usually found in the appropriate Diocesan Record Office for the court where the Will was proved - for Derbyshire, this is the Staffordshire Record Office.

Copies of Wills for which Probate was granted at the PCC (Prerogative Court of Canterbury) may be obtained via the National Archives Wills website. (verified 2021-09-13)

Searches for, and Copies of Wills and Probate 1858-1996 may be obtained through via the Find a Will service, at local Registries, and sometimes on microfilm at County Record Offices. Further information on post-1858 Wills, may be found on the Government's Applying for Probate pages. (verified 2021-09-13)

Abbreviations which may be used on this page are:-

(Ad) "Admon", or Letters of Administration.
(I) Inventory (a list of the deceased's goods, and their value)
(N) A Nuncupative Will is one declared by a legal representative, as being indicative
of the deceased's wishes, and will often refer to the Testator in the third person.
(#) Indicates the Will is a 'duplicate' - that is, more than one person has submitted an
abstract from the same original Will.
 * An asterisk against a surname indicates the Executor(s) of the Will, or, in the case
of Administration (Ad), the Administrator(s)
i/t/p "in the parish (of)".
CELF Chapel en le Frith (Derbyshire)
ECC Episcopal Consistory Court (Lichfield)
HCC Hereford Consistory Court
n.p. Notary Public
R&R Rest and Residue (a common expression in Wills)
The following may also be of use in the study of Wills generally:-



IBBOTSON, John - of Hope, yeoman, 21 Dec 1708.
brother Abraham £4;   Ann his brother's daughter £4;   Mary his brothers daughter £4;   Susannah wife of John WALKER 5/-;   Ellen my brother's daughter £5;   sister Mary IBBOTTSON, widow 20/-;   John IBBOTTSON son of my brother Edward £4 (Edward died 1702?);   William son of my brother Edward £3;   Elizabeth daughter of my brother Edward £4;   George EYRE of Ridgeway £4;   Suzannah EYRE £4 when she most needs it in her old age;   Ann the wife of James RUFF of Wirkersley? £1/1/0d.;   Mary the wife of Joseph GREEN £1/1/0d.;   Sarah WEBSTER 5/- to buy her sheep;   Jane the wife of Robt YELLOT £1;   John my brother's son 5/-;   Abraham his brother 5/-;   William his brother 5/-;   Robert ROWBOTTOM son of Laurence ROWBOTTOM 5/-;   Martha IBBOTTSON, widow of Robert 5/-;   the poor of the hamlets of Hope, Woodlands, Aston, Thornhill £2 &   Hathersage, Outseats, Bamford & Derwent £2.
Executors: William (son of his brother Abraham)   & Henry (son of his brother Edward)
Witnesses: William Cresswell of Hope & Thomas HALL.
Notes: The Record Office at Lichfield could not get a very good copy of this Will & the Inventory was too fragile to copy. Lines 38, 39 & 40 I have failed to understand, it says "the will of James WEBSTER confirming his daughter Sarah of Basford? House, Fullwood" something.
See an article by Rosemary Meredith in D.A.J. 1982, p6 - "Farms & Families of Outseats" where she suggests that Edward of Netherhurst, Hathersage d.1702, John d.1711 & Abraham d.1715 of King's Haigh, Hope were brothers.
Proved 6 Jun 1711.
[Contributed by vh on 04 Nov 2005 et seq.]



IBBOTSON, Abraham - of King's Haigh, Hope, 2 Aug 1715.
daughter Susannah wife of John WALL £10;   Ann the daughter of John WALL 40/-;   daughter Ann wife of David RICHARDSON? £10 & her children, unnamed 40/-;   daughter Ellen wife of Adam Grant £27 & if she dies before him he is to have £4 & any children £23;   son William the rest, he also exec.
Witnesses: George(X) DARWEND & Thomas HALL.
Inventory: Adam GRANT & Thomas HALL 19 Aug 1715 to the value of £85/00/0d.
Proved Bakewell 8 Oct 1715.
[Contributed by vh on 04 Nov 2005 et seq.]



IBBOTSON, Abraham - of Smalldale, Hope, Yeoman, 4 Jan 1753.
wife £5 while a widow (but if she remarries 5/-) to live with son Abraham;   son Robert £6 four years after testors death;   daughter Margaret BOUZE 3 children Ellis, Hannah & Elizabeth £3 each when 21;   son Dennis £15 4yrs after testors death;   son William £20 - i.e. £10 when 21 & £10 10yrs later;   son George all the close near the town? Meadow;   daughter Margarett 5/-;   son Abraham the rest, he also exec.
Witnesses: Elizabeth MIDDLETON, Hannah MIDDLETON & Martin MIDDLETON.
Proved Bakewell 30 Apr 1757.
Note: There were IBBOTSON in Smalldale at this period who were Licensed Victuallers & drovers.
[Contributed by vh on 04 Nov 2005 et seq.]



IBOTSON, William - of Netherhurst, Hathersage, yeoman, 16 Feb 1788.
son Henry £5;   son William £50;   daughter Betty wife of John WARDLOW £10;   daughter Maria wife of Robert COUPLAND £30;   grandchildren Edward £25 when 21 & Nanny £15;   son Samuel the rights to the farm, he also exec.
Witnesses: William MARSDEN & Thomas KINDER.
Proved Chesterfield 15 Oct 1789.
[Contributed by vh on 04 Nov 2005 et seq.]



IBBOTSON, Abraham - of Hope, farmer, 12 Jul 1793.
nephew Christopher IBBOTSON £10;   nephew Edmund ASHMORE £10;   nephew Joseph IBBOTSON 5/-;   nephew Abraham IBBOTSON £5.
Executors: brother William IBBOTSON & nephew John IBBOTSON.
Witnesses: Benjamin BURDIKIN,   Dennis IBBOTSON &   William HOWE.
Proved 13 Aug 1793.
[Contributed by vh on 04 Nov 2005 et seq.]



IBBOTSON, Abraham - of Smalldale, Hope, 15 Apr 1796. (Ad)
granted at Bakewell to Mary the wife of Abrahm IBBOTSON.
Witnesses: John WRIGHT & Ralph BOWEN of Peak Forest.
[Contributed by vh on 04 Nov 2005 et seq.]



IBBOTSON, Henry - of Hathersage yeoman, 20 Jan 1796.
son William of Carrhead estate at Moorseats & Outseats, he also sole exec;   daughter Ann COCKER wife of Thomas £250;   daughter Ruth FURNESS the house where the testor now lives called Eastwood's Farm & lately purchased from George & Henry BINGHAM, his church pew & estate at Mosscarr;   daughter Sarah BROOMHEAD £250 to be paid by Ruth FURNESS.
Witnesses: William BOCKIN,   James FRITH &   Wm WILKIN.
Proved Chesterfield 12 Oct 1797.
[Contributed by vh on 04 Nov 2005 et seq.]



IBBOTSON, William - fender maker of Sheffield, 3 Nov 1818.
son Henry land etc at Moorseats, Hathersage occupied by Henry COCKER & John PRIESTLY (Henry to pay son John an annuity of £26/10/0d. at 10/6 a week) + the farm at Mosscarr;   son-in-law William IBBOTSON, merchant of Sheffield the house etc. where the testor now lives at Broadland, Sheffield;   daughter Mary to have half of his personal estate paid in 1/3 at intervals.
Executors: son Henry & son-in-law William.
Witnesses: Hy. COCKER,   Sarah UNWIN & John UNWIN.
Proved York 13 Aug 1823.  The probate paper describes him as a saw maker & fender maker.
[Contributed by vh on 04 Nov 2005 et seq.]



INCE, John - of Melbourne, Yeoman, 15 Jan 1823.
Beneficiaries: son Thomas INCE;   grandchildren Mary CLARKE (daughter of late son John INCE deceased);   grandchild Thomas INCE (son of late son John INCE deceased);   daughter Mary (wife of George PEAT).
Executors: son in law George PEAT;   John PEGG.
Witnesses: Joseph CANTRELL;   Elizabeth BRADFORD.
Note: Testator leaves to son Thomas INCE a Public House (where Thomas resides) known as The Pack Horse in Kings Norton.
Probate 10 Sep 1824 - PCC.
[Contributed by rd on 30 Jul 2012 et seq.]

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