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Ideally you will have arrived at this page because you are interested in an abstract of a Will contributed by Guy Ancestry to the above collection, and you are hoping to be able to contact her. If you reached here by a search engine or other means, you may wish to explore Gloucestershire Probate Records to understand better what this web site is about first.

Contact details for: Guy Ancestry - Email:

Additional Notes: If you can help with identifying the people named in any of the Wills submitted by this lady, she would be very happy to hear from you. Further details and full transcriptions are available from “Twigs'n'Branches”, a weblog dedicated to the recording of the Family History of Miss Z. Guy.

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  1. The above details were correct at the time they were provided to me (originally 21 Jun 2008); however the web is a volatile beast, so please bear in mind the information may no longer be current.

  2. Contact details are provided for acknowledging contributions, and for establishing mutual interest only - please do NOT expect us to provide more general help with your research. In addition, please be aware that the submitter may NOT be researching the families mentioned in the Will, as he or she may have collected it for another purpose entirely - for example, Local History or Population research.

  3. As a precaution against spam-bot "harvesting", all email addresses are provided using snippets of Javascript code. Nevertheless they may still attract unsolicited email, or "spam", so many submitters prefer NOT to make their email address available directly.

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