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Additional Information

The idea for this, and other Wills collections I maintain came originally from a gentleman named Leslie Mahler, who emailed me its very first entry, in the hope that it would be useful to someone.

One of its purposes could be to assist in locating those hard-to-find female lines. Perhaps a father's Will may be the ONLY indication of parentage for a married daughter, when a baptism, or even her marriage, goes unrecorded. Or else you may be interested simply in extending your Family History, in the broadest sense, in learning which families were related, or how far some people travelled.

An example of the former is the Will of William BROOMHEAD, dated 1813 in which he names his married daughter Sarah, wife of William WILD. I had been unable to trace any recorded baptism for Sarah, so if it weren't for her father's Will, I would never have known her parents.

An example of the latter is in Jacob BAGSHAW's Will, dated 1785. He was a bachelor, but his Will names a lot of relatives, some of whom moved to London. If you were researching BAGSHAW from the London end, the Will may provide the very information you are looking for - telling you where the family you are researching came from!

The format I've adopted for the Wills collection as a whole, is :-

SURNAME, forename - residence and occupation, date the Will was WRITTEN (when known) followed by date of DEATH, again if known. Following this is a list of benefactors, and those mentioned in the Will, with Witnesses, Appraisers of Inventory, &c. The date of PROBATE comes at the end.

In probably 99% of cases in our collection, the Will has been written just a short while before death and probate. There is one case however, where it was 20+ years before, and plenty of examples where the Will has been made and a benefactor, or executor has died before the Will has been proved. So whilst on the fact of it a date of when a Will was written would appear to be meaningless, it could help pinpoint dates between which other events could have taken place.

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